Innovative and customized designs.

Skylights provide a solution for when window placement is limited or structurally impossible to create. Rooms surrounded by walls can get very good natural lighting and heat when skylights are installed.

These products will also provide ventilation.

Install an energy-efficient skylight and you also get to enjoy reduced costs of heating, cooling, and lighting. Look for products with ENERGY STAR® suitable for the climate in your area.

Two Types of Skylights

Skylights come frame-in-place or curb-mounted.

The former is slotted in an opening that may be roof-line level. The framing supplies are integrated with the roof shingles and the flashing applied around them. This helps prevents water seepage through the frame.

Curb-mounted skylights, on the other hand, are fitted inside a wooden frame with the curb fitted on the roof line. A distinctive flashing is installed to make the opening water- and leak-resistant.

Skylights selection

Just like windows and doors, skylights need to be carefully selected. What you choose can have an impact on the performance and you should always opt for the best.

So choose skylights that:

  •         Have the physical size that provides the right level of illumination and temperature within a given space.
  •         Measure 5% of a room’s floor area if there are several windows available, frameless windows or otherwise, and 15% when there are only a few.
  •         Are placed strategically to provide passive solar heating potential, especially in areas with long winters and short summers. East-facing skylights gain the most heat in the mornings, west-facing skylights in the afternoon, and south-facing skylights have the greatest potential.
  •         Glazed to provide the best performance – insulated glazing, heat-absorbing tints, and low-E coatings.
  •         Properly installed to minimize the cost of heating while offering a good level of illumination, energy, and ventilation.
  •         Are designed easy to use and operate. Some skylights use open-sided cylinders, sun-tracking, or mirrored reflectors for excellent performance.

Combined with solar blinds for slope sliding windows or frameless windows, skylights can become even more energy efficient.

To optimize the potential of skylights, give Old Town Glass a call. We carry the best brands of skylights that are innovative and customized according to your needs and that of the structural design of your roof.

We can also recommend high-quality windows and doors provided by our most trusted partners.


For 75 years, the VELUX Group has created better living environments for people around the world – using daylight and fresh air. Our products help create bright, healthy, energy-efficient places in which to live, work, learn and play.

As a Velux dealer with offer their complete product line available in the US. This includes fixed and curb mount skylights, sun tunnels, roof windows, and commercial skylight solutions. Velux’s daylighting products include options for solar or electric powered operable skylights and a wide selection of integrated shades.

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Wasco Skylight Company

Old Town Glass works with Wasco to provide both standard and custom skylight solutions. Wasco’s focus on ease of installation, an extensive product line, innovative and customized designs provides for reliable long-life performance and overall value. Founded in 1935, Wasco is a family-owned company with New England roots. They are one of America’s largest skylight manufacturers, employing skilled people who all share the values of hard work, a keen desire to meet and exceed market needs, and pride in a job well done.

Wasco Skylights is a leader in bringing the outside in, providing a full line of commercial and residential skylight solutions for standard or customized installations. Old Town Glass installation and project management teams are factory trained and we are one of the few Wasco Commercial Certified Installers on the West Coast.

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