Sky-Frame Glass Window and Doors

6-Reasons To Choose Sky-Frame

Swiss Precision

  • Centralized manufacturing in Switzerland
  • In-house powder coating
  • In-house curling of thermal breaks
  • In-house vertical glazing

Pure Design

  • Clean lines
  • Integrated fittings
  • Floor-to-ceiling glass
  • Multipoint locking system

Controlled Drainage

  • Watertight drainage plane
  • Guaranteed to stay dry
  • Gutter system available*


  • NON-exposed bearings
  • Weather resistant
  • Self-cleaning track


  • Exceeds the standard industry norm
  • NFRC certified
  • UV protection
  • Ultra-clear perspectives


  • Can be opened/closed or locked/unlocked
  • Resistance-free
  • Silent operation
  • No additional control panels

Sky-Frame Plain

Swiss made sliding windows are vital to superior architectural developments. With flush transition from inside-to-outside creates spectacular designs and opportunities. The timeless rectilinear window, but is also the first ever Sky-Frame System.
  • Unlocking handle fitted flat on frame
  • Optional, integrate, elegant locking cylinder

Sky-Frame Inline

This system is supplemented by the filigree posts. Fixed frame-less glass panels can be combined with sliding doors over large areas.

Beautiful for large flush continuous glass areas.


Sky-Frame Slope

You can have the slope sliding system installed inward or outward angles. No matter the inclination, the drainage meets all driving rain resistance requirements.
  • Sky-Frame Fly on request
  • Sky-Frame Sun on request
  • Sky-Frame Automation on request
  • Sky-Frame Guard
    • RC2 (WK2)
    • Connection to alarm system
    • Position monitoring
    • Deadbolt monitoring
    • Glass breakage monitoring

Sky-Frame Arc

Used to create curved glass fronts. This adds natural contours to the home, offering smooth performance. Of course, we can add automatic drive on request.
  • Sky-Frame Automation, upon request
  • Sky-Frame Guard
    • RC2 (WK2)
    • Connection to alarm system
    • Position monitoring
    • Deadbolt monitoring

Sky-Frame Pivot

The Pivot system turns opening a door into a creative act, creating a temporary spatial structure. This could be the reason why Le Corbusier preferred these kinds of doors. With just a gentle push on the comfortable handle the door delicately glides open. The electro-mechanical multipoint locking system guarantees safety and security without sacrificing beauty!

What next?

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