LaCantina is pushing the limits of large opening door systems. They are one of the pillars in the construction industry when it comes to large open door systems. Their focus in refining their products have made them the trendsetter of open doors and their unique innovation ensures that every design is of high quality. By having LaCantina doors in our line, we know that our clients will have the best results for their properties. We always endeavor to have the most innovative range of doors and windows available.

Architects, homeowners, and builders are able to innovate their designs with the same quality, performance, and value with that of LaCantina Doors. We have helped with award-winning projects of all ranges, from residential homes to resorts and other property types. Along with our warranty, LaCantina is one of the greatest choices to open spaces.


Our signature door panels are used throughout all of our openings. Our clients can pick sliding, folding or swing systems depending on their preference. Appealing designs including custom glass, architects windows and doors, and entry door display to name a few, allow for perfect alignment with the overall theme of any area. Our low profile rails allow for more light, saves power and aesthetically appealing to all.