Integrity Windows and Doors in Novato

Why choose Integrity?

Our windows and doors are made with Ultrex, a pultruded fiberglass, that outlasts vinyl, roll-form aluminum, and other fiberglass composites. Our process endures all elements without showing age or wear.

Durable Windows and doors (8x stronger)

Ultrex fiberglass is 8X stronger than vinyl/wood. Fade, chalking, peeling, and cracking resistant.

Unmatched quality with 3rd party finishes

We lead the industry in 3rd party finish. Te benefit for you is you can count on Ultrex to resist the elements and look great years to come.

Efficient windows and doors (Energy Star)

Other than our products being tough, they are also energy efficient. The meet or exceed federal Energy Star guidelines. This will benefit your heating and cooling bill over time!

Integrity and quality service

We are a dedicated team to leading the way in innovation and cornerstone of our business. We want to ensure you have the best experience possible.

What next?

If your not sure where to go next, look through these great options or give us a call to talk about your project.