Glass Railings

Our custom designed glass railings are unique to each project. Working with CRL and our custom stainless fabricator, we offer a large number of glass railing options. These range from 1/2″ thick to 1 1/16″ thick, depending on engineering requirements.

CRL is the leading provider glass guardrail systems made of tempered laminated glass. Available with or without a frame, they can provide clients custom glass made of the strictest international building code requirements.

The structural glass used can be completely dry glazed that guarantee a rail system that will not discolor, delaminate or creep over time. The 3 tempered installed will ensure safety and security while giving you that all-glass look that you want.

When code and engineering allow, we use the Sentry Laminated Interlayer in structural application to eliminate a railing top cap. Compared to conventional laminating materials, the glass is stronger by five times and stiffer by 100 times. This provides you with a glass system that provides ample protection against storms and powerful impacts and blasts.

Glass Vice

Glass Vice is a Frameless Glass System, designed in New Zealand. It is specified to rigorous engineering standards and the Glass Vice product is tested to the highest standards. The product line includes Pool Fencing, Balustrades, and Commercial Deck Rail / Guardrail Systems.

We offer Glass Guardrails, Staircases, and Fences with Glass Vice, in numerous glass configurations, including 1/2″ Tempered, 5/8″ Tempered, and 9/16″ Tempered Laminated with a Sentry Interlayer.

From glass railings to pool fencing, Glass Vice got you covered.

Combined with our frameless windows, arc curved glass, and other custom glass products, your home or office exterior and interior will have the modern look with all the right functionalities.

Put up windbreaks in a windy location and you can enjoy a stunning view of the outdoors yet stay fully protected from the elements. Sliding glass panels to go with sliding glass windows and you can easily create an indoor-outdoor transitional living space.

Working with our partner-company will enable us to meet your custom or designer glass needs while ensuring form and function for any structure and application.

Frame-less, Base Shoe Railings

It is possible to have freestanding glass without any vertical posts. This is done using a base shoe system that can be clad with a finish material or completely hidden by finishes. This is the perfect solution for glass railings that show as little metal as possible.

Without the metal frames found at the base of custom glass barriers, you get a seamless look and feel. Think of frameless windows or frameless sliding doors without the hardware. A magical creation that guarantees safety and security.

Architects love how frameless base shoe railings don’t get in the way of the view from the interior and exterior. This is why it has become the epitome of what modern design is supposed to be like.

The base shoe glass railings can reach up to heights of 60 inches and can be fascia or surface mounted. Available in standard aluminum or clad in stainless steel. For stability, a round or flat top rail can be added.

Windscreens & Glass Pool Fences

Frequently we have clients request transparent windscreens around pools or BBQ areas. Our offerings include standard systems that are pre-engineered from Glass Vice and CR Laurence, along with custom designed frames that we work with local steel fabricators to construct.

Glass Vice offers frameless glass systems that are built to the highest standards and tested independently to ensure requirements are met and surpassed.

Their glass products have several applications, including glass railings and frameless sliding windows and doors. Used around pools, you can build an infinity pool at the very edge of the property and not worry about security and safety.

CR Laurence, on the other hand, is known for its finest and most comprehensive line of glass products, including glazing and hardware for installation. They also supply oversized insulated glass and fittings for pivot glass door and other products.

With these high-quality brands as partners, we can supply our clients with excellent products that add value to your project.

Interior Glass Railing

There are a number of options for interior glass railings, these can include base shoe or standoff systems or be custom built infill systems.

Want your view to be unobstructed from one end to the other? Opt for a topless glass railings that will open up a room and make it bright and airy. The beauty and simplicity of the installation translates to clean and sophisticated lines.

Interior glass railings come in various specifications and can be made of 10 or 12-mm tempered glass, and installed in between posts at 72-inch centers for glass of standard height. The posts are aluminum powder coated.

Other than the posts, you will not see anything else with the interior glass railings installation since the glass is fitted inside rubber gaskets that run the full length.

Railing with Glass Infill

Glass railings can be made of infill panels in a variety of colors, designs, and textures. If you want it clear to go with your designer windows and doors in the same glass material, you can choose that option too.

Installing a railing with glass infill is designed to comply with certain building codes that specify the engineering standards and safety. Glass panels vary in thickness, such as 8mm, 13mm, and 19mm.

What you choose to use will depend on the size of the panel and the loading requirements. For frameless glass railings, the edges and corners must be blunt and polished to ensure the safety of customers.

The panels are available clear or colored, patterned or textured, curved and custom designed. For glass with optimum clarity, a  low iron glass is used.

With options to use custom glass for glass railings, your home or building interior will look seamless and clean. Learn more about railing with glass infill today.