Unique Glass Wall, Lami and Frit

Over the past year, we have been working on a unique project in a Marin County Residence.  The design team and owner asked us to provide a glass wall that would hide the shower and changing room on an indoor pool.   Working with our glass suppliers and hardware manufactuers, we were able to install custom laminated glass with a …

Automatic Glass Pocket Door

A seamless transition between from the main living area into an indoor pool.   Using an automatic, all glass pocket door we created a invisible door linking two sections of a home in Marin County. The door features keypads with motion sensors. You simply swipe your hand over the sensor to open and close the door.

Back Painted Glass for Kitchen Back Splash

Back Painted Glass for Kitchen Back Splash

This past week in San Francisco, we installed a unique Bright White painted kitchen backsplash.  The product used was starphire tempered glass that is back painted and then sealed.  It was installed along the entire kitchen wall, without cutouts and notches for electical outlets, the kitchen hood, 1/2″ thick glass shelves, and other kitchen items.

Bath Remodel with an Amazing Glass Shower Enclosure in Mill Valley

We recently worked with TJ Built Construction on an amazing bathroom remodel project in Mill Valley. We designed and installed a custom glass shower enclosure to go in the amazing bathroom remodel that they did. The enclosure features a door and panel inline configuration and complement’s the contractors stunning tile work.   The glass shower enclosure sits on a sloped …

Summer is here, keep the bugs out. It’s time to check your screens.

With the arrival of summer the bugs want to get into your open windows and doors.  Keep them out with a proper fitting screen that does not have any holes. If your screens need to be repaired or replaced, bring them in to our full service screen shop.  We offer repairs, replacement, and new screens that are built in our …