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NOVATO − Host, Sarah Rutan: If you’re thinking about installing a new glass product in your home, you’ll first want to understand your options. Today we’re in Novato with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, John Pope of Old Town Glass to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, John Pope: Today we’re going to talk about different glass types. Your typical glass that you’d find in a window or door, whether it’s residential or commercial, is double paned. Double paned glass is made up of two pieces of glass. That’s what you’d find in a window. You actually have two pieces of glass with an air space. And what that does is it provides an insulating value similar to wall insulation that actually isolates the interior from the exterior, more so than if you just had a single pane piece of glass, which would just be one single pane separating the interior from the exterior.

So, in double pane glass there’s a couple different options. These are all examples of low-e glass. Low-e glass is a double pane glass that has a coating on it to make it more energy efficient. So, what you’ve got is a piece of quarter inch glass, a spacer bar, and then another piece of quarter inch glass.

In interior glass application, shower doors, heavy glass, we have monolithic, or single pane glass. This is an example of a sliding door that you could use as a closet door or as the entry to an office system.

Within side that family of single pane or monolithic, like in this case, this was used as an office partition, we have options for that. This is actually pattern glass. So you’ve got single pane pattern glass; in this case it is actually an obscure pattern that the further you move away from it, you can’t see through. Satin natural matte Lux, which is this type of glass. We want more of an obscure pattern. This is another type of pattern glass, which is baroque, where you can see through it but it diffuses the view as you look through the glass.

One of the other glass types we use that is used a lot in commercial, guard rail applications, and/or deck rails, or in areas where you’re worried about things breaking, is laminated glass. In this case, this is glass that we’d use in a heavy glass rail, where you did not want a top cap on it, or in an application where if the glass breaks you still don’t want the glass to fall apart or fail.

In this piece is two pieces of three-eighths monolithic glass, or single pane glass, sandwiched together with an inter-layer from DuPont. And it’s a 0.060 inter-layer so this glass is almost an inch thick, but it’s really made of three components. If we were to break this glass the glass will still stay standing.

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