Jobsite Door Pan Creation with Prosoco Fast Flash

We were recently faced with a unique window installation challenge. We needed to install a Redwood window into a home that was constructed of redwood, concrete and steel. The jambs were redwood, the sill consisted of concrete and steel with voids in the concrete where an old piece of glass had been embedded.  In order to install the window and waterproof it, we used the R-Guard Fast Flash system to create a pan on the existing sill and waterproof the sill all the way to the exterior of the window opening.   These photos show the creation of the pan, using a 3/4″ x 3/4″ L metal. The L metal was set in Joint and Seam Filler, then it was covered with the R-Guard products.   The window then sat on top of the liquid membrane pan.  The window installation was completed and the project was finished off with Air Dam and backer rod.

Old Town Glass is a licensed glazing contractor and offers sales, service, and installation. We stock the complete R-Guard product line for window and door installation.  
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