Exterior and Interior Door Hardware, Novato Showroom

We have been working towards a remodel and update of our showroom.  The goal is to bring our clients up to date window and door displays, interior doors, exterior, doors, and complete accesories to go with our product lines.   We recently updated our door hardware displays with additional product offerings.

Interior and exterior door hardware featured in our Novato showroom includes:
Emtek Hardware
Rocky Mountain

Below are a couple shots of the new hardware displays, which we show on top of custom 1/2″ glass shelves.  In order to incorporate as much of our product lines into the showroom, each glass shelf has a unique finish and/or fabrication on it.  The photos show glass shelves with pencil polish, flat polish, and beveled edges.   In order to show the difference between various glass types we have shelves in standard glass (green hue) and starphire glass (optically clear / low iron glass).

Stay tuned for more blog posts as we update our showroom to include the complete glass, window and door products we offer to our customers in Novato and the rest of Marin.

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