Old Town Glass is a family-owned business that offers innovative windows and doors system for residential and commercial projects. Whether you are a homeowner, architect, builder, or contractor, you can rely on us to supply and install the fenestration products that you need.

We provide you with the best fenestration products the industry has to offer. Our expertise includes industry leading window and door products from the US and Europe to glass floors and railing systems.

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As a full-service firm, we install, repair and service a large array of glass products. As a California Licensed Glazing Contractor (CSLB#736844), we serve both residential and commercial customers.

We offer residential and commercial solutions that include installation services done with excellent workmanship. As retailers and installers of the products we offer, we have a comprehensive knowledge and first-hand experience of each item in our inventory.

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During the various stages of a project, we try to take photos to illustrate what is happening and how the finished product is reached. Frequently these photos provide a start to discussions.

Our partnership with excellent and reliable companies, such as All Weather, SAFTI FIRST, and Glasbox, allow us to bring a wide range of products to our clients and their clients. Each one is backed by a guarantee from our partner company.

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Typically a project, whether a simple broken window repair or a whole house window replacement, starts with a free estimate.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call for a free consult!

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