Glasbox Aluminum

A leader in window and door technology, Glasbox manufactures windows of the highest quality. With fabrication partners in Germany, each product sold in the market bears the mark of high quality and standards that the country is known for.

There is no question of the level of craftsmanship, especially with Glasbox’s focus on giving a detailed approach and full shop drawings for every project.

Among the products the company manufactures, the Glasbox aluminum windows and doors are the most versatile, allowing us to offer our clients the kind of products that others might not be able to achieve.

We can provide architect windows and doors of any size and shape, custom glass, and designers windows and doors.

If energy efficiency is important to you, we have the right product. Old Town Glass knows better than anyone that reducing a home or office’s carbon footprint can start with the best choice of windows and doors.

The Sky-Frame 3 is an energy-efficient solution. With frames that are kept minimal, they appear like frameless windows. This is achieved by creating sliding glass windows system made of maximum glass.

It boasts of a 3-Dimensional thermally broken window system, U-Value of 0.24 NFRC text size, Glass fibre reinforced epoxy resin profiles (GRP) profiles that are also used on interior and exterior sliding doors, and RAL powder coat finishes, among others.

Speaking of which, Glasbox also offers a wide range of finishes to suit different products, from jumbo insulated glass to curved custom glass windows.

There is powder coating available in all RAL color patterns, weather-resistant metallic pigments and pigment effects, finishes in anodized colors, Duaflon® wet coating-based dirt resistant finish, and Inox Optic finish that adds a stainless steel look to the aluminum surface.

Glasbox textures and effects are also used to adjust the gloss and surface finishes.

With the finishes used on aluminum windows and doors that are produced according to shop drawings, Glasbox products are definitely a category on their own.

We also offer custom finishes along with a wide range of standard finishes, giving our clients a huge variety of options to finish their slope sliding windows, pivot glass door, frameless windows, and other custom and structural glass in need of an excellent surface finish.

To know more about Glasbox aluminum windows and other products, give us a call right now. Old Town Glass representatives and specialists are ready to provide you the information you need, from the products available right down to the services we can provide.


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