Custom Glass

The capabilities of glass are only limited by your imagination.

With advanced technology allowing the glass to be cut, sized, and shaped in any way possible, your choice of a slope sliding window or pivot glass door can be made of arc curved glass or some other size and cut. Any design, no matter how unique can now be made possible with our technology and expertise.


Interior Glass

Working with the top architectural hardware vendors in the US and Europe, including CRL, Dorma, Hafele, and Hawa, we can create unique interior elements for our clients. These can range from frameless sliding windows and doors, a custom studio mirror installation, or a complete interior build-out of glass office space conference rooms for a commercial project.


Insulated Units

Old Town Glass deals with glass products from all of the major glass manufacturers in North America. We use products from Cardinal Glass Industries, PPG, St. Gobain, and Guardian Industries.

Depending on your product application, we source insulated glass units from suppliers in the Bay Area, across the country, Canada, and Europe. We offer custom glass for a commercial door with window, glass French doors complete with Integrity sliding door hands, and many others.

Our insulated units are designed to promote energy-efficiency in the home and office and encourage clients to reduce their carbon footprint. Along with the installation of skylights to let natural light in during the daytime, a home or office can reduce their energy consumption significantly.


Structural Glass

Working with the world’s top facade and structural engineers, we offer clients the ability to design structures with glass. Whether you are looking for a skylight you can walk on or a complex structural glass floor system, we encourage you to contact our office with your project needs.

Our Marin window and doors can be designed to suit any structure as well. With custom glass easier to manipulate and work with, a structure can be made entirely of glass and last a lifetime.

Contact us today and learn more about Old Town Glass’ custom-made products.

What next?

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